At some point in your life, you’ve probably played a game. It could be one on TV like Jeopardy, a mobile game like Candy Crush or a game on your console or PC like Fortnite.

Building a game is as complex as a movie. While you might know the actors, the director and even the IMDB rating of your favorite movie, not many know of the people, or the thinking behind popular games.

Fog of War is a game design podcast where I interview the people behind the games to understand and deconstruct their roles, thinking and influences… and bring that to you.

Welcome to the Fog of War!

What does Fog of War mean?

Fog of war in strategy video games refers to enemy units, and often terrain, being hidden from the player; this is lifted once the area is explored.

With this podcast, I hope to lift that fog and shine light on the incredible work done by the people behind the games we play today.

Who is Karthick Gopal?


I’m a creative by design, engineer by degree, product design by profession and most importantly a Gamer at heart.

I have been a gamer all my life. Ever since the first Atari landed I have basically been involved in playing games. I had a semi-professional stint in between where I won the Quake 3 championship and was supposed to represent India at WCG (World Cyber Games).


The team that brings you the Fog of War podcast is the K brother duo: Karthick & Kaushik Gopal.

Every episode of the Fog of War was created, edited and produced by us. We mostly use Adobe Audition.

We also built the theme for this site from scratch in Jekyll.